Hoshan Integrated Systems

At Hoshan Integrated Systems we represent a vast portfolio of communication solutions, voice and data services that address the evolving networking needs of today’s enterprises, enabling them to utilize their communication networks as a competitive tool, while creating profitable and lasting customer relationships, empowering employees and boosting productivity.

We competitively transform our enterprise and government customers operations by delivering secure, end-to-end, business-critical ICT (Information and Communication Technology) solutions that enable new business generation and provide significant efficiency gains

Our word

Our strong belief that the success of any company lies in its capability to acquire dedicated professionals who work hand in hand. We are doing this by offering Hoshan’s employees a climate of responsibility, appreciation and respect, enabling everyone to develop to their careers.

An important task of top management is to ensure that everyone in our company understands our strategy and vision, and to work with our employees to implement this vision step by step.

We are confident that our team will continue to meet the expectations of our customers in the future, because we are working as a Teamwork.
Yours sincerely,



1. Planning and Design
2. Implementation
3. Consulting
4. Operations
5. Support
6. Maintenance
7. Trainings



1. IP-TV Services
2. CCTV / IP-CCTV Services
3. Building Management Systems Services
4. Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting Services
5. Public Address Services
6. Access Control Services

Management & Experience

1- The management compromises of a comprehensive hand selected team with excellent qualifications, expanding experience, and complementary skills. They have been working together from the inception of our establishment, and have demonstrated an increasing ability to understand the dynamics of the market, the positioning of products, continuously improving their operational and market efficiency.

2- As the quality bar of the whole industry raises, our confidence grows further in the belief that our new internal processes combined with our highly trained and dedicated team’s efforts will yield satisfactory results living up to everyone’s best expectations.

Our Partners